Waterfalls of Alborz

A photography book by

Bahram Abedini & Mahrokh Miralaei

A book from Nature for Nature lovers

The book of "waterfalls of Alborz" is the first book of Bahram Abedini published in English and available on amazon website to be ordered internationally.

Alborz is the name of the biggest and highest mountain range in Iran. Stretching from right to left in north part of Iran. A province is named after this mountain range which is situated on the southern hills of this mountain range and is home for many waterfalls.
This book is about the waterfalls which are situated in the region of Alborz province. The mountainous terrain and abundance of rivers have given this region many waterfalls. This book will be one of the very first which archives both the pictures and data from these waterfalls and can be used as a reference. A comprehensive study has been carried out as well to investigate the waterfall as a natural resource, geomorphological phenomenon and tourism point of interest.

The reader can enjoy both professional photography and learn about waterfalls in a scientific manner and use this book as a guide to these waterfalls since the map coordinates have been written down for all the waterfalls. Importance of preserving nature is one of the focuses of this book and the study indicates how important these resources can be.

In summary, in this book you will find:

  •   Professional photography
  •   Scientific definitions and studies on waterfalls
  •   Local field study and analysis
  •   Comprehensive list and specifications of waterfalls in province of Alborz which can be used as a reference

Lists of contents in this book

  1. Namrak waterfall (Kondor)            
  2. Alborz waterfall  
  3. Nojan waterfall  
  4. Haft Cheshmeh,  st waterfall        
  5. Haft cheshmeh spring waterfall   
  6. Haft cheshmeh waterfall               
  7. Chaaraan waterfall           
  8. Shah dej waterfall             
  9. Rafak waterfall   
  10. Khor waterfall     
  11. Abkamaan waterfall, khor  nd waterfall    
  12. Morood waterfall             
  13. Nashterood koochak waterfall     
  14. Dimadar waterfall             
  15. Nashterood waterfall       
  16. Dareh joz waterfall           
  17. Dareh Darvish waterfall  
  18. Chap dareh waterfall       
  19. Kalha waterfall   
  20. Sepah salar waterfall       
  21. Hameja waterfall              
  22. Hasanak dar waterfall      
  23. Kafoo waterfall   
  24. Nia waterfall       
  25. Dorvan waterfall               
  26. Baaran kan waterfall        
  27. Aghasht waterfall             
  28. Jir oraaz waterfall             
  29. Baalaa-in Oraaz waterfall               
  30. Valerde waterfall              
  31. Varesh koroor waterfall  
  32. Varesh vard waterfall      
  33. Vaaresh peleh waterfall  
  34. Vaaresh waterfall              
  35. Joz Dareh waterfall            
  36. Joz-dareh baalaa waterfall             
  37. Sirood waterfall   
  38. Do gholoo waterfall          
  39. Khan café waterfall           
  40. Bareh Shooran waterfall                  
  41. Bekr waterfall       
  42. Baashaar waterfall              
  43. Shast mardaan waterfall                  
  44. Shast mardaane Baalaa waterfall                
  45. Pashaayaar waterfall        
  46. Aasekaan waterfall            
  47. Aasekaane koochak waterfall        
  48. Parchook waterfall            
  49. Khochireh waterfall           
  50. Milin waterfall     
  51. Karkabood waterfall         
  52. Sheleben waterfall            
  53. Shah alborz waterfall        
  54. Soohan chareh waterfall                 
  55. Mir waterfall        

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