Wednesday, 26 May 2021 16:52

کوه پاشوره ، البرز شرقی

البرز شرقی قله پاشوره 3900 متر در جوار قله عبرت وقله امیری

This is a picture from the eastern Alborz mountain range. The peak in the picture is called Pashooreh, it has a height of 3900 meters from mean sea level which is (12795.28 ft) . the other summit beside it , is called Ebrat summit. and the other one, Amiri summit.

Mountain photography is the art of capturing nature at its core, and having the colors as natural as it can be. The framing is also important in mountain photography. it should be very inclusive of the nature around the mountains. Light in nature photography is important as to help viewers get the feeling of the nature right there. Therefore, it is not advisable to always have a bright and high visibility. Nature as it comes has darkness and brightness. there is sunrise and sunset and all makes different lighting in the atmosphere around it.

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Saturday, 13 March 2021 23:35

آفتاب نطنز، جاده کاشان

In a dusky sunset
This is central Iran with more planes and less vegetation. But beautiful.

قله کرکس در غروبی گرگ و میش
کوه های کرکس در جاده نطنز قرار دارد و در این منطقه که بیشتر دشت هست مناظر جالبی درست کرده.

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Thursday, 04 March 2021 08:42

قله قالی کوه در لرستان

عکسی دیگر از قله قالی کوه در استان لرستان

mountains of iran, Ghali kooh

this mountain is located in the province of lorestan, west Iran


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عکسی از قله ریزان در شب.

این کوه در بالای دشت هویج و دشت گردو در منطقه فشم واقع است. قله ای بلند و نه چندان دشوار برای صعود است. شب ها معمولاً در این منطقه کوهنوردهای زیادی میمانند تا به صعود به یکی از قلل این منطقه عازم شوند.


Central Alborz is home for many high summits. one of these mountains is Rizan. literally Rizan derive from the word pour, or flow and it indicates to the pouring of small pebbles from a mountain. Another meaning of Rizan as a form of Riz is small which I don't believe would be the case for this grand mountain.


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Friday, 26 February 2021 08:22

قله شاه کرم، کوه های طالقان

Shah Karam mountain
in the region of Taleghan, north central Iran

طالقان خچیره قله شاه کرم

عظمت و بزرگی کوه های ایران بسیار چشمگیر و زیبا هست و برف این زیبایی را دو چندان میکند. طالقان جزء روستاهایی هست که دور تا دور آن را کوه محاصره کرده و منطقه کوهستانی زیبایی رو به وجود آورده است.

برای خرید این عکس یا دیگر عکس های با ما تماس بگیرید.

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