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Dolphinarium of Kish Island

Written by Sohrab Abedini
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Dolphinarium of Kish Island

The Dolphine park of Kish Island is a unique place amongst all other entertainment resorts in Iran. It is situated in south of Iran in the sea of Persian gulf in Kish Island. The island itself is a spectacular island with coral beach.

The dolphine park is a 100 hectar place situated in south east of the Island and include Green fields with various plants, Birds Garden and the first and only dolphinarium in Iran.

The Dolphinarium is consisted of varius Sea mamals like, Dolphins, Porpoise and southern sea lion and pinguins. and visitors can watch the artistic maneavors and cirque like shows of these beautiful creatures. totally there are 21 mamals with pools of 18000 cubic meter.

The Green areas also consists of 100 various plants and trees like palm trees , huge Bengamins, eucalyptus, Akasia , Mord,  marshmallow, 25 types of Cactuses, and other plants.


translated by Sohrab MirzaAbedini

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