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Thursday, 09 September 2021 08:23

عطار دست فروش حین چُرت

این عکس از یک عطار دست فروش هنگام خواب نیم روزی گرفته شده. محل عکس در نزدیکی مقبره شیخ بابا در شهر مراغه است.

This is a picture of a local spice seller taking a siesta. The photo is taken in the city of Maraghe close to the city of Sheikh Baba monastery.

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Saturday, 07 April 2018 15:36

Esfahan- The Pearl of Persia (Part II)

When Shah Abbas decided at the end the sixteenth ce3ntury to make Esfahan his capital, he started building on what was virtually an open site. The clutter of houses which had now grown up round the Friday mosque and the bazzar were left as they stood; the new city began where the old one left off, again to the south and west, on the site of the present Meydan-e-Emam. The Meydan was planted at a spot where the life of Esfahan as it stood would flow through it; it was to be the meeting place of monarch and citizens.

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